This Is Anna Dello Russo’s Idea of Workout Gear

Photo: andreaincontri/Instagram

We're led to believe that Anna Dello Russo is never photographed unless she's dressed to the nines, and a recent Instagram confirms that theory. Dello Russo never, ever dresses down. While jogging with friend and fellow street-style fixture Giovanna Battaglia, Dello Russo, her hair flowing, wore head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana spring 2013. (Well, save for the New Balances.) Battaglia, who still looks glamorous though not in D&G, opted for a black spandex-and-sports-bra combo — which makes us wonder if Dello Russo was just ill-prepared for any kind of athletic activity. Otherwise she'd be wearing spandex, an oversize T-shirt, and a pained expression like the rest of us, right? But we're willing to bet that PTSD associated with being caught in Abercrombie & Fitch that one time means that Dello Russo will never leave the house in non-designer clothes again.

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