Another Vote in Favor of Ambien Sex

Photo: iStockphoto

It's hard not to click a headline like "The Night I Roofied Myself." But what you'll find there is not technically about roofies. It's actually yet another happy tale about the aphrodisiac effects of prescription sleep-aid Ambien. "Not just sex," the anonymous YourTango correspondent reports. "The bang-fest of the ages. Crazy shit. Bill said I was an animal. Not 'enthusiastic,' or 'eager,' you understand, but like a real, actual, grunting and rutting animal. 'You did stuff I've never seen you do before,' he said." Ambien sex first entered the public consciousness when Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel told friends the pair had "crazy Ambien sex." Cue the pseudo-trend pieces, all carefully acknowledging the risk of not remembering your bang-fest. "I'm now curious if I had the best sexual experience of my life and don't even remember it," a 30-year-old Brooklyn woman told the Daily Beast. The YourTango writer learned about her experience from her husband the next morning, but also suggests the encounter saved her work-strained marriage. We can only conclude Ambien sex is best reserved for those with partners unlikely to blackmail them — and without access to a car.