The Brant Brothers Do Not Know How to Twerk

The Brant brothers. Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

“Have we defined twerking yet?" asked Peter Brant at last night's premiere party for Mademoiselle C., the documentary about Carine Roitfeld. "Is it defined? I think it’s pretty undefined. I’ve seen several  different  kinds of twerking." His brother Harry agreed. “To each, their own is what I say,” he said. “Twerk and let twerk.” And although he has a dancing cameo in the film, which includes footage of him getting down at Carine's CR Fashion Book launch party a year ago, he says he's not much of a twerker himself. 

“At the Met ball, Peter told everyone that I knew how to twerk,” Harry said. “Then when I got to the after-party, everyone was like, ‘Do it, do it!’ And like, I do not know how to do that. He completely set me up to fail." Peter grinned. "It was great," he said.