The Brant Brothers Do Not Know How to Twerk

The Brant brothers.

“Have we defined twerking yet?" asked Peter Brant at last night's premiere party for Mademoiselle C., the documentary about Carine Roitfeld. "Is it defined? I think it’s pretty undefined. I’ve seen several  different  kinds of twerking." His brother Harry agreed. “To each, their own is what I say,” he said. “Twerk and let twerk.” And although he has a dancing cameo in the film, which includes footage of him getting down at Carine's CR Fashion Book launch party a year ago, he says he's not much of a twerker himself. 

“At the Met ball, Peter told everyone that I knew how to twerk,” Harry said. “Then when I got to the after-party, everyone was like, ‘Do it, do it!’ And like, I do not know how to do that. He completely set me up to fail." Peter grinned. "It was great," he said.