Brooklyn Women Are the Country’s Pickiest Daters

Photo: Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

A study from (previously unheard of) dating site analyzed nearly 500,000 interactions on their website and found that women from Brooklyn are the least likely to respond to messages from prospective suitors on online dating sites. Men in the tri-state looking for a romantic connection are better off contacting the "less selective" women of Jersey City, as the response rate is much higher. Women in Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles were also picky, while residents of Miami, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Portland, Oregon, are basically willing to date anyone, results reveal.

While the study makes no claims as to why women in these areas (read: hipster enclaves?) are ignoring dating spam, the results also show that women will respond to conversation starters like "Where are you from?" but ignore messages that use generic or lame pickup lines to engage. We'll take this as causation and recommend that men in Brooklyn, Minneapolis, and Detroit try alternatives to uncreative openers like "hi," "what's up?" "sexy pics," or "Do you like this photo of my cat?"