Charlotte Casiraghi Upstaged by Golden Retriever


Perhaps as an antidote to all those racy black bras and sexy mesh kimonos Gucci showed in Milan yesterday, the brand released its most wholesome, downright pinch-its-cheeks adorable campaign ever this morning. The fourth and final set of Charlotte Casiraghi's "Forever Now" ads, shot by Bruce Weber, show her nuzzling fluffy golden retrievers in a grassy field, reminiscent of those Estée Lauder "Pleasures" commercials of yore.

The family-friendliness of these images may have something to do with Casiraghi's pregnancy, which was announced early last month (she's engaged to the baby's father, French actor Gad Elmaleh). What better way to cover up a baby bump than with chunky knit sweaters and frolicking baby animals? Sure, that one dog looks dangerously close to drooling on that cream-colored handbag, but how can you resist that face? — and a bit of slobber is nothing compared to the damage a human child's grubby little hands will do to one's priceless Italian leather.