Coming Soon: A Clarisonic for Your Foot Calluses

Photo: Clarisonic

For all the people who have nearly broken their necks in the shower trying to stand on one foot while sawing away at the calluses on the other, reprieve may be on its way. Clarisonic, the makers of that addictive and widely copied face-cleansing brush contraption, is creating a sort of electronic sander for the feet. Called the "Pedi," it will consist of a handheld device with an attachable "smoothing disc" made of stainless steel, as well as several brushes for buffing purposes, reports WWD.

Yes, it's expensive — it'll retail for $199 — but just think of how much money you'll save by not needing pedicures so often, in theory. And really, there is NOTHING more satisfying than watching dead skin get shaved off your feet. (Anyone who's ever gotten that callus-remover blade treatment at a nail salon knows exactly what I'm talking about.) I haven't even tried this thing yet, but I've already saddled it with high hopes for prettier, less labor-intensive feet.