Don’t Get Too Excited About Kate Moss’s ‘Single’


To be fair, what several news outlets are touting as Kate Moss's new "single" wasn't actually advertised as such. Instead, shoe brand Stuart Weitzman told WWD that they had created a "music mash-up using Moss’ voice from behind-the-scenes interviews," which is exactly what it is — no singing, no rapping, just Kate Moss talking about Stuart Weitzman knee-high boots, looped over electronic beats by Canadian D.J. Brendan Fallis and songwriter Andrew Watt.

Incidentally, we've already seen the interview that these lines ("I think thigh-high boots are especially sexy and glamorous," "driving in a posh car day and night," and "people are a bit shocked to see me walking down the street") were pulled from. We'd recommend just rewatching that instead of listening to the song, which gets pretty insufferable after the third repetition of "sexy and glamorous," but there's actually a very nice saxophone solo in the middle of it, so give it a shot.

Or, if you really want to hear Kate sing, just relisten to Primal Scream's "Some Velvet Morning." See, you're not missing much.