Foam Twerk Fingers Almost Sold Out for Halloween

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/WireImage

The moment Miley Cyrus grabbed her crotch (and Robin Thicke's, and some backup dancer's) with a bright white foam finger during her VMA's performance, the world uttered a collective, "Well, there's my Halloween costume." The world didn't immediately implode, but sales of foam finger "twerk" accessories are through the roof. Amazon stores are almost sold out of the $9.95 "Twerking Twerk Dance Foam Finger" and vendor Trendy + Hip has exactly one "Miley Cyrus Foam Twerk Finger" ("The Official Twerk Finger") left in stock, reports Racked. Hurry up or you'll miss the crucial element of the most topical costume of 2013. As for the creator of foam fingers, Steve Chmelar, he will most likely spend Halloween night locked in his dark home, hiding from Twerk or Treaters, wondering how it all went so wrong.