Fug Girls: Zosia Mamet, Cool at Rebecca Taylor


If you've ever wondered what it's like to watch a fashion show behind Zosia Mamet, then let us allay your internal churning: We were afforded the opportunity at Rebecca Taylor on Saturday afternoon, and it was very informative. She helpfully introduced herself to someone as "Zasha," which forever solves that pesky question of how to say it out loud. She wore exactly what we imagine Zosia wearing at all times, be it to a dance hall or the dentist — a black and white floral suit with scuffed white Vans. She was exceedingly friendly to her seatmates, whom she greeted with a bright "Hey, dudes," before hugging DJ Mia Moretti. Mamet killed time pre-show gossiping with Chelsea Leyland about cat-eye makeup tips — specifically, we believe, the ins and outs of using liquid eyeliner when you are wearing false lashes, and when Moretti's behatted friend dropped her sunglasses on the runway during the show, Zosia bent down and snatched them up for her. In short, she seems like a total gas, and we wish again that she'd relax the no-interview policy (still in effect), because we have no IDEA how to execute a proper cat-eye while wearing false eyelashes and we need her to mold us. Please, Zosia. Think of the pasty bloggers.

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