Greta Gerwig Keeps Frances Ha’s Leather Jacket

Greta Gerwig. Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Do you ever wonder what became of Greta Gerwig's most iconic fashion accessory to date: the black leather jacket she wore throughout Frances Ha? “It’s hanging in the closet like a time capsule,” said Gerwig, who sat front row at Suno's spring 2014 show last night. “We went through a bunch — maybe twenty different leather jackets, looking for the right one. They were all from thrift stores. So for a while I had like, twenty leather jackets," said the actress. "Once we picked it, it was the one. We had written it into the script as being a leather jacket that wasn’t cool. It was too big; it was just something somebody gave her once. And it’s hard to find that description in a piece of clothing, so it just took some hunting to get the perfect jacket. You know that Goodwill by NYU? It’s oddly both picked over, but not, if you’re looking for something that’s a little uncool. So it’s good costume Goodwill.”

Although the jacket looked cute with Frances’s flowered dresses, Gerwig said she probably won’t bring it back out. “I can never wear things I wore in movies again. It belonged to the character. I know that sounds douchey, but it’s actually how I feeI. I sort of have one emblematic thing from every character,” she said.