Meet Jennifer Aniston’s Crust Punk Brother

Photo: Tony Taafe/Coleman-Rayner

For the last year, the tabloid press has been on the hunt for Jennifer Aniston's "secret half brother," and they finally found him! Meet Alex John Aniston, better known as A.J. He's a 24-year-old crust punk nomad. He has "Live Free" tattooed on his stomach and "Down to Cuddle" tattooed above his crotch. (Click to zoom.) When a Daily Mail reporter tracked him down at Burning Man and asked him to comment on Jen, he replied:


You must get that question a lot.

It’s been happening since middle school. It’s been a pain in my ass for years. No comment.

As a tween, A.J. walked the red carpet with actor-father John Aniston and mother Sheri at the premiere for Along Came Polly. 


In the normal world, being photographed at a public event by multiple news organizations would suggest you are not a "secret," but this is Hollywood. If a tree falls in Hollywood and it doesn't hit two or three gifting suites on the way down, then did it even — hey — is that Kylie Jenner in a bikini? Gotta go.

Punk Aniston "briefly attended college in the California beach town Santa Cruz," "likes to make original bikes," has been known to live in a van, and apparently runs with a crowd united by the belief that "consumerism is such an evil," the Mail's report finds. Between A.J.'s nomadism and Justin Theroux's tattoos, maybe Jennifer Aniston is more counterculture than we realized? 

Questions the Mail failed to answer: Will A.J. be part of Jen's wedding? What will he wear? Does he need a date?