Jesse Metcalfe Has Dumped Girls Over Fashion

Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe. Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images

"I’ve definitely broken up with girls who had no fashion sense," said Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe, resplendent in a slate-gray suit at last night's Town & Country Men of Measure event. "It just really irked me. I’ve had qualms with almost everyone I've ever dated right up until now." Any particular pet peeves, like overalls or socks with sandals? "Well, overalls are back so that might not be a good example," he said. "I hate those cheesy prom dresses that girls think are classy. Anything cheesy really rubs me the wrong way, from fake tanner to bad hair extensions to bad clothes." 

Luckily, his fiancée, Cara Santana, knows what she's doing. "She’s really the fashion guru of the relationship," he said. "I’m into dressing well as a man, but she knows both sides. We’ve been hitting a lot of shows. She’s been disseminating what she’s seen on her blog that she’s firing up." So back to overalls: Will he try them himself? "Absolutely not. Overalls for me died with Kris Kross."