The Juergen Teller–Approved Gadget

Photo: Courtesy photo

Screw the "It" bag, (unless it's Balenciaga's Le Dix, obviously), Jawbone's new Mini Jambox is so covetable. Yves Behar approached the design of this new model with the intersection of fashion and tech in mind. "Color and textures have always been a way that we take these technological products and make them human and personal — to allow people to have opinions, to like something or not like something,” Behar said in an interview with Wired Design. The portable Bluetooth speaker comes in a range of metallic colors and is under one-inch thick — which means it fits perfectly into a clutch, just in case a situation calls for an impromptu dance party (we have yet to discover this situation, but we will). And, the tech company is going for major fashion cred: Marc Jacobs's beloved photographer Juergen Teller shot the ad campaign after seeing the product in person. 

Credit: Jawbone/Jeurgen Teller Photo: Juergen Teller/Courtesy of Mini Jambox
Credit Jawbone/Juergen Teller Juergen Teller

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