Male Gaze: Scott Eastwood Is a Man’s Man

Photo: Joe Kohen/Getty Images

The Internet's heart skipped a collective beat when photos of Clint Eastwood's son Scott, an actor, surfaced yesterday. Hubba hubba? Totally. The younger Eastwood, much like his father, is asserting himself as the very pinnacle of masculinity — just look at how he cradles that puppy. Like a real man. And it's not just his abs, perfect face scruff, or roll-in-the-hay hair. As revealed from the delightful Town & Country spread, he says he wants "to be a man's man — not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star but a no-bullshit leading man." He gets his manliness card from owning a dive bar in San Diego, knowing his way around a sailboat, and insisting on "doing his own grind" rather than kowtowing to nepotism for his career. Also, he looks like this with his shirt off. The younger Eastwood has several projects in the works, including a movie with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. Let's agree to stay very invested in his film career going forward.