The ‘New Trophy Wives’ Have MBAs, Shy Husbands

Photo: Mike Kemp/Corbis

Allow the New York Post to introduce you to “Trophy Wives 2.0,” the beautiful women who marry rich and powerful men but have their own degrees and careers, and seek to reclaim the term from its bimbo connotations. “The stereotypes are sexist and unfair,” says former Playboy playmate Stephanie Adams, 43. “Just because I look a certain way and have expensive tastes, it doesn’t mean I’m shallow. Style and looks don’t mean lack of brains, sweetheart!” According to the Post, Adams is part of a “growing number of fabulous independently successful women in New York ... who play a ‘supporting role’ to their Masters of the Universe spouses,” like Georgina Chapman, the fashion designer married to Harvey Weinstein, and Suzanne Ircha, the stock specialist married to Woody Johnson. (Here, the term “power couple” might be more useful than “trophy wife.”) Since modeling, Adams has authored 25 New Age self-help books and has won an “excessive force” judgment from the NYPD after a 2006 incident with a cab driver. Fellow Trophy Wife 2.0 Julie Lin, 34, has two master's degrees but quit her marketing job to write a blog, The biggest difference between these trophy wives and an earlier model might be that they don't need a prominent man to show them off. Both women’s husbands declined to give their names to the New York Post.