The Roitfeld Family ‘Never’ Works Together

The Roitfeld family. Photo: Getty Images

All of team Roitfeld came out to celebrate Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld's reception for photographer Peter Lindbergh last night, but aside from social functions, the family has a strict no-collaboration policy. "We don’t work together," said Vladimir, shaking his head. "I've never worked in the fashion industry and she [Carine Roitfeld, his mom] does her thing. We speak every day. We advise each other, but we don't work together."

His sister Julia confirmed their strategy. "We work in the same industry, but I think it's good to keep boundaries. I don't want to mix too much family and work. But we do share ideas. We do seek each other’s advice. Just not officially," she explained. Mom Carine agreed, adding that she doesn't ask her children's input on her fashion projects because she wants them to be surprised: "But I'm very supportive of them!"