Street Style: The Crop Top Invasion Has Begun


Nobody expected Fashion Week to include a day that could be equated to sitting in a suffocating sauna, sweating out toxins. But it did. And every quick-thinking member of the fashion tribe acted fast to whip out a suitable outfit for a day of hot, possibly smelly show-viewing. Tank tops, sheer shirts, designer tees, and shift dresses made the rounds, but the most ubiquitous item of all in the street-style set? The crop top, obvs. The Cut's YoungJoon Koo snapped DIY crops (a.k.a  T-shirts and button-ups knotted at the stomach); denim bralettes; starchy white tank crops; and long-sleeved turtleneck crops, as worn by Miroslava Duma. There was no better moment to show off a sliver of belly. Click through the slideshow to see how everyone kept cool, including the Hilton sisters.. Lesson No. 1: Never wear a leather jacket on a hot, humid day.