Tyson and Kimberly Chandler Have a Fashion Van

Photo: Getty Images

New York Knick Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly have made the rounds this week, showing up at Suno, Cynthia Rowley, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, and Vera Wang. Genuine fashion fans, the couple always shows up in fresh outfits, even if it means changing several times throughout the day. “For the design houses that are gracious enough to allow me to wear their clothing, I love to," said Kimberly earlier this week at Suno. "I think it’s so much fun — you know, changing in the car, trying to hurry up before the show!”

Her husband elaborated later at Altuzarra: “We [had to change] today because we went to Alexander Wang and then we’re coming to Altuzarra. So those are two completely different vibes. To Wang, I wore some Rick Owens and some Damir Doma pants. And then here I’m wearing some Ozwald Boateng.” How do they manage their wardrobing schedule? “I have a van,” said Tyson. “So that makes things easier.” Tinted windows? "Yeah."