What 30 Days of Unwashed Face Looks Like

Beautiful young girl washes with clean water at early morning Photo: iStockphoto

HuffPost Live aired a segment about what happens when you don't wash your face for a month. Let's stop and really consider this undertaking: a woman, of her own will, applied makeup, went out into the dirty world, came back home, went to sleep, woke up, maybe applied more makeup, and repeated the routine, every day for 30 days. Why do this? Is it an issue with self-care? Was she lacking product? Because we could have recommended some great cleansing balms. Obviously, it's in the name of science.

As the video reveals, the real danger of turning your face into a petri dish/bacteria cesspool is severe premature aging, including decreased eye size. However, the male co-host didn't see it that way: "She doesn't look old, just disgusting." Then realizing his assessment might be a bit harsh, he softened it by admitting that perhaps the second picture actually looked better, minus the acne (which was actually rosacea). If anything, this woman's experiment demonstrates that if you avoid basic hygiene for 30 days, your eyes get smaller, your skin looks older, and people think you're disgusting.