What Was Paris Hilton Doing at Fashion Week?

Paris Hilton. Photo: Getty Images

We were surprised to see that Paris Hilton was among the most ubiquitous celebrities at New York Fashion Week this season. Based on the list of shows she attended (Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, The Blonds, Alon Livne, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice & Olivia, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Charlotte Ronson, by our count — and that's not even including parties), she apparently went anywhere she could wrangle an invitation. But she hasn't been a front-row regular in years, so why the sudden effort?

Most celebrities go to Fashion Week for one or more of these three reasons: (1) To remind the world that they're coming out with a new movie, song, album, or TV show; (2) to "support" designers they hope to borrow clothes from; and/or (3) to court designers for advertising contracts. Paris was there for the first two reasons (and maybe the third, who knows?). At Jeremy Scott, she dutifully rattled off her promotional spiel: She's about to release her sixteenth fragrance, plus a new single with Lil Wayne called "Good Time," out October 1. She's also "shopping" for her next music video. "I’m shooting another one when I get home, with me and Snoop Dogg, so every time I’m traveling, especially here in New York, I love looking at all the pieces on the runway and then for my shoots," she explained. And let's not forget about her handbag line: "I get really inspired for my designs," she said of fashion shows. "I love watching them." Which is as good a reason as any to go to Fashion Week — right?