Why Are We Taking Pictures of Our Genitals Now?

Photo: shutterstock.com

Some people take pictures of their labia so they can feel less weird. Some people take pictures of their dicks so they can get a date. British ad agency Mother London wants to snap some pics of your bush — your “lovely lady garden,” they actually say — in order to “address the question of modern feminism.” Yep, we finally did it: We worried about pubic grooming so long we convinced someone it was a feminist debate of consequence.

Over the last month, Mother has been working with a number of feminist groups to launch a campaign to address the question of modern feminism — how does it manifest today, what are the challenges it faces, what does it mean to be a feminist?

As hip advertisers, Mother could probably just make pubic hair cool, in all the ways Gwyneth Paltrow failed to. But the group settled on the earnest Project Bush, a pubic-hair awareness campaign that aims simply to show young women they are technically allowed to have some. “Waxing culture has become so mainstream that some young women don’t see it as a choice,” says a press release. The group put out the call for models (h/t Jezebel) who will “stand up to the pressures of modern society and present their bushes in all their glory” in a major, though anonymous, photo exhibition by Alisa Connan. Those who participate will be invited to a "swanky" private viewing party. Alternatively, you could just take the impressionable young woman in your life to her local sauna or YMCA locker room.