Bell Hooks Reviewed Lean In


Will we ever stop reviewing Lean In? Since Sheryl Sandberg’s feminist manifesto was published almost a year ago, it has been slowly reviewed in virtually every publication, including two late-breaking entries from influential feminist thinkers — Susan Faludi in The Baffler, and, today, bell hooks on The Feminist Wire. In hooks's review, she notes Sandberg's elision of race and class, and also argues that she's inconsistent. For example, Sandberg’s axiom that conditions for all women will improve when women lean in to better representation in leadership roles. “This unsubstantiated truism is brought to us by a corporate executive who does not recognize the needs of pregnant women until it’s happening to her,” hooks retorts. It is rumored that the ghost of Lucretia Mott will add her two cents on Lean In this Halloween.

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