Celebrities Now Hiring ‘Instassistants’

Photo: badgalriri/Instagram

We can now add Instassistant to the list of "jobs" celebrities bestow upon members of their entourage. Other accepted titles include "hype man," "personal umbrella holder," "cocaine buyer," and — most vague — "producer."

Much like the ghost-tweeter of 2009, the Instassistant is responsible for posting only the most flattering or compelling social media bait possible, says the London Evening Standard. Job requirements: a steady hand, endless patience, basic visual comprehension of flattering angles, and creative-slash-persistent use of hashtags. So far, noted Instassistants in the field are Hedi Klum's mother and Rihanna's childhood best friend, who is responsible for some of RiRi's finest selfie work. By the way, she is like the best pal ever, because that denim thong shot? That's the intimate angle of real friendship or someone who shouldn't really be on your payroll.