Here’s One Way to Get Ryan Reynolds Shirtless

Photo: Diyah Pera/New Line Cinema

Imagine you find yourself seated in front of Ryan Reynolds on a long-ish flight and you desperately want him to reveal his abs, you know, for a little in-flight entertainment. Some obstacles: he's sitting with his wife, Blake Lively, it's creepy to ask a celebrity to disrobe for entertainment if cameras aren't rolling, and you're sober. According to Radar Online, one woman found a brilliant work-around. On a flight from New York to New Orleans, a female passenger knocked back some  mini bottles of wine with a vengeance and vomited all over Reynolds's beige cashmere sweater. Rather than sit in a soiled garment, Reynolds was forced to remain semi-nude for a portion of the flight, after first undergoing a thorough napkin wipe-down by grateful flight attendants.  Passenger 1D: The captain, crew, and passengers of Delta flight #1715 thank you.