How to Spend $1,200 on Jeans

Photo: Deklofenak/iStockphoto

If it sounds ridiculous to spend $150 on designer jeans, get ready to balk at the price tags in the world of bespoke denim. Which, surprisingly, is gaining some popularity, reports The Wall Street Journal. Companies like Jean Shop, Tvhm Aetlier, and 3x1 offer customizable denim, letting people chose length, style, and fabrics, in the price range of $500–$1200 per pair. Levi's allow customers to go back into the archive and customize a pair of vintage jeans from, say, 1947 (for $750–$950), which is almost cool enough to warrant the price tag. But, like a fake-vintage TV stand from Restoration Hardware, you're paying for forged history!

What is involved in creating $1,200 jeans? According to the WSJ, offerings include a private consultation with "denim messiah" Scott Morrison (of Earnest Sewn fame), a pair of pants made from fabrics like "rare grey heather selvage denim," gold or silver fixtures made by jewelers, and customized designs laser-etched into the leather tag, all stitched together by a "hive of seamstresses sitting inside a glass cube." Hopefully most of that $1,200 goes towards their health benefits.