Lancôme Signs Lily Collins and Her Eyebrows

Photo: Courtesy photo

Lancôme announced today that they've signed actress Lily Collins to be their new global ambassador. In the beauty world, The Blind Side actress is known for primarily one thing: her full eyebrows. She is the Cara Delevingne of actresses. Her brows are so revered that, upon meeting her, fans don’t ask for her autograph or want to know what Sandra Bullock really smells like in person — they ask to touch her eyebrows. And sometimes the thought of touching both brows is too much for her fans to handle, so they ask to just touch one, as she relayed on Chelsea Lately. Her eyebrows are so infamous that they’ve inspired their own Twitter page, which is sadly defunct. Obviously, the Lancôme ambassadorship will change all that.

Collins, who is the granddaughter of a ballerina (in addition to being the progeny of soft-rocker Phil Collins), will begin her “ambassadorship” in January 2014 as the face of Lancôme’s spring makeup collection, French Ballerina. We hope the new collection includes a supercharged brow-growth serum so we can finally see what we would look like with those caterpillars. They probably only work on Collins and Delevingne, but we’d like to try it anyway.