Men Are Worried About Their Beach Bodies Too


Tabloid beach-body roundups tend to come down hardest on women, but that doesn't mean men aren't worried about how they look in a Speedo. According to a survey by British menswear retailer Jacamo, 20 percent of men are anxious about feeling fat in a bathing suit, and one fifth of men put themselves on a strict diet before vacation. Here’s another big reveal: 14 percent of men reported spending longer than their female partner getting their body beach-ready. Since the survey doesn’t specify whether they polled only heterosexual men in committed relationships, or what, we're inclined to think that the margin of error here is pretty high.

Jacamo representatives characterize their findings as evidence of “a new attitude for a new generation” of men, and maybe they’re right. But, last we checked, women were still showing men up when it comes to dramatic diet techniques.