Mischa Barton Lists Facts About Mischa Barton

Actress Mischa Barton attends the Late Night Shopping at Designer Outlet Soltau on September 6, 2013 in Soltau, Germany. Photo: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Mischa Barton — the actress still best known for crawling under a bed in The Sixth Sense and wielding a vodka bottle on The O.C. — racked her brain.

After showing up on the cover of People magazine in a decidedly un-juicy story entitled "My Hollywood Nightmare: Body Issues, Drugs & The Psych Ward," she knew she owed the public some fascinating information about herself. How about 25 things! In a list, so people know that there are that many new reasons to pay attention to me! 

What are 25 things that people don't know about me? she wondered, rephrasing her assignment for Us magazine. I'm not really into sharing secrets — I've already decided that my 25th fact should be: "I'm very private." Can I just include items about words I like to spell and whether I go to comedy clubs and whether I think it'd be cool to get a pilot's license one day? Oh, fantastic! There goes 3, 14, and 17! Only 21 more to go

So what does Mischa do when she's not wandering like a forlorn Edith Wharton character, searching for her former co-stars? Well, on at least one occasion, she has hung out with the Beastie Boys:

13. In fact, the Beastie Boys gave me my nickname — it's "Baby Dragon."

What about her childhood? Any interesting memories of her upbringing in Europe? A childhood insight could be a revealing first fact: 

1. I was born in London's Hammersmith Hospital. When I filmed Notting Hill, Hugh Grant told me he was born there too!

That seems to be half a fact about Hugh Grant, but that's fine. Let's try again. What's her second fact? Something she deeply loves to do?

2. I enjoy writing in my journal.

Mischa, said an editor perhaps, just tell us one wild thing! Like do you have any ink or a sexy piercing on something that no one ever thought could be pierced? 

15. I have absolutely no tattoos or piercings. Even my ears aren't pierced!

AhOkay. Any interesting relationships, Mischa? Maybe someone that hurt you? 

24. I go to Earthbar daily for a cayenne, lemon and oregano drink. It burns and I love it!

Hm, that wasn't quite the pain we meant, but there goes 24. Any challenges you're facing?

22. I'm reading Anna Karenina.

Aren't we all, Mischa. Aren't we all.

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