R.I.P. Condé Nast Internship Program

Photo: edenpictures/flickr

Condé Nast's internship program — the storied, unpaid magazine boot camp that tangentially gave us The Hills — will not continue into 2014, WWD reports. The decision comes almost two years into the Great Unpaid-Intern Uprising, which began when former Harper’s Bazaar intern Diana Wang sued Hearst for back pay in 2012. In March of that year, Condé Nast overhauled its own program, requiring modest stipends and forbidding long hours. But it wasn’t enough to insulate the Vogue publisher from the revolution: In June, two former interns for W and the New Yorker sued Condé Nast for paying them less than a dollar an hour, taking a stand on behalf of exploited workers everywhere and/or totally ruining it for everyone else. Now where will wealthy college students learn how to get through a subway turnstile while carrying multiple garment bags?

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