The Secret (Drunk) Life of White-Wine Drinkers

Photo: Brett Stevens/Corbis

There's a reason that post-work happy-hour frequenters, Hoda and Kathie Lee, and all of the stars in the Real Housewives constellation love to kick back with a big ol' glass of Pinot Greeg: A recent study from University of Iowa found that white-wine drinkers pour 9.2 percent more wine into their glasses than those indulging in red. Perhaps the clear glass and nearly clear liquid creates an optical illusion that keeps us from noticing that the glass is filled to the brim? The same way plate size affects eating habits, there are a series of behaviors that subconsciously result in heavier pours, the Telegraph reports. For example, using wide glasses or holding the glass in your hand are both factors that contribute to the quantity you pour. Go ahead and do what you will with this information — depending on whether or not you're trying to get drunk.