Style Tribe: The New York Witch Festival


If the seven tomes that created the world of Harry Potter made you believe in witchcraft, magic, and spells for at least one hot second in middle school, the very title of the New York Witch Festival, which took place in Long Island over the weekend, might bring up some thrilling preteen anticipation. But this convention wasn't for any Hermione wannabes. On Saturday, troves of self-identifying, practicing witches (Wiccans, pagans, shamans, druids, and even a metaphysical Christian or two) gathered at the Upsky Long Island Hotel's grand ballroom to properly kick off Samhain (a.k.a. Halloween). Psychics, mediums, tarot readers, "healers," and a general audience casually interested in witchcraft convened for a day filled with workshops on runes, herbs, healing, and the afterlife, as well as music, vendors, and more. Click through the slideshow to see the scene and meet some of the witches.