Is This Pamela Anderson or Charlize Theron?

Photo: V Labissiere / Splash News/

Whoa, whoa, whoa now! Who is this chic gamine clutching her cardigan, wearing Jackie O. shades and carrying that sophisticated Saint Laurent de Jour bag? Is it Charlize Theron? An older cousin of Michelle Williams? No! It's Baywatch's Pamela Anderson, the babe who made flipping long blonde hair an art form.

What got into Anderson that got her to chop off those flowing peroxide-kissed locks? Break-up cut? New-relationship cut? Getting-ahead-of-hidden impending-sex-tape-drama-with-a-classy-haircut cut? Maybe she's just embracing a newly sophisticated version of her 46-year-old self, but whatever the reason, we support this chop 100 percent.