Women More Likely to Be Offended by Phone Use

Photo: Shutterstock

When considering whether to take that call or fire off that text during a business lunch, ask yourself: Is my lunch colleague a woman? Women are about twice as likely as men to find cell-phone interruptions rude, according to a study from Howard University and USC’s Marshall School of Business. In a survey of more than 550 professionals, 59 percent of men said it was appropriate to check text messages at a “power lunch,” compared to 34 percent of women. Fifty percent of men said it was appropriate to answer a call during a work date, versus 26 percent of women. But a better question to ask yourself would be, "How old is my lunch date?" People under 30 were three times more likely to find texting at the table appropriate than those over fifty. Or you could just play it safe. Zero percent of men or women I know are offended by people who keep their phone on silent, in their pocket.

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