19 Beanies to Keep You Warm This Season


The origins of the name of a favorite cold-weather staple, the beanie, are unclear. Some may argue that the term comes from medieval times ("beanus" being a type of hat students at universities wore) whereas others posit that "bean" is purely slang for the head. Nonetheless, the beanie has been widely embraced as necessary attire for athletes, grunge enthusiasts, frat types, TLC fans, and anyone living in a frigid environment. Recently, some of these caps have gained even more novel status, with vocabulary plastered across their brims (thank you, Cara Delevingne) or with veiling attached for the femme street-style set. And why not? In all its incarnations, the beanie is an essential item of clothing — and, even better, starts at an approachable price point. Its the easiest way to keep warm while retaining a smidgen of self-expression, really. From Forever 21's skate-inspired checkered cap to Barneys' olive-green option, click ahead to see nineteen variations on the beanie. You'll need one to go with your colorful coat, after all.