45 Colorful Coats to Wear This Winter


With the chill setting in, it's time to plan your winter look. So why not stave off a bout of SAD with the mood-lifting properties of your favorite color? After all, you'll be wearing this coat from now until March. We  love the idea of forgoing the usual wintry blacks and grays for crimsons, bright pinks, cobalts, or pretty pastels. That's why we decided to make a Pantone-worthy spectrum of colorful coats for you to choose from. From Topshop's array of long boyfriend coats in lime, chartreuse, and violet, Pucci's pale-lilac shearling, to Bottega Veneta's vermilion dress coat: We have colors covered. So, go ahead, pick one to pair with other bright pieces — or just use it to accent your collection of winter darks.