70 Percent of Snapchat’s Users Are Women

Photo: Shutterstock

Just as chatting and sassy snapping are for women, Snapchat seems to be a girl party, too. The photo-sharing app reports that 70 percent of its users are female

This figure makes Snapchat one of the most female-dominated social media sites — it's comparable to the numbers quoted for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which have women users in the majority as well. This doesn't mean that Snapchat doesn't appeal to both genders — the men of Wall Street took a shine to sending snaps this summer. Not every man had considered its benefits, though. 

CEP Evan Spiegel also told the Wall Street Journal that there are 400 million photos and videos sent a day on Snapchat. 400 million tiny bursts of self-destructing joy.