Ann Romney Was Holding Out on Us This Whole Time

Holy florals, Ann Romney.

The Romneys have now settled nicely into their non-presidential lives, and went on CBS News today to gloat over Obamacare's messy rollout, the GOP's future, the state of America, and ... Ann's fabulous new cookbook, The Romney Family Table. It apparently contains pancake recipes and lots of family photos, but if you only care about the latter, save yourself the time and money and just check out her Pinterest

Anyway, admit it: You've missed Ann Romney's wardrobe a little bit, haven't you? There's a small hole in our hearts where those bright red dresses, constant pearls, and occasional black leather resided throughout 2012. But now, it appears she was holding out on us. Today, she unveiled the most glorious print of all — yes, even crazier than that yellow bird-print Reed Krakoff blouse she wore on CBS in May 2012 — which is saying a lot. Folks, allow me to present you with this doozy of a neon floral confection by the late Alfred Fiandaca, who made the bulk of her outfits throughout her husband's presidential bid:

Holy florals, Ann. Photo: Alfred Fiandaca

Sadly, Fiandaca passed away just three months after the election, but here's proof that his legacy will continue. As he told us himself, "If you’re spending good money for an outfit, then there’s no reason you wouldn’t wear it again and again."