Boys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti, and Other Sex Ed Lies


In honor of the Texas teenagers who walked out of an assembly with faith-based relationship guru Justin “#Lookadouche” Lookadoo (it included jokes about how women are vindictive back-stabbers who can’t drive, according to one student’s account), Mother Jones has curated a little hall of fame of the country's worst abstinence educators. 

My personal favorite is Shelly Donohue, of Colorado’s WAIT (Why Am I Tempted?). In addition to teaching kids that sperm makes girls’ vaginas act like “little Hoover vacuums,” her curriculum includes an edible take on Men Are from Mars. The Casper Star-Tribune reported:

“Boys are like waffles, compartmentalizing feelings, while girls are like spaghetti, with their feelings about parts of their lives entangled, Donohue told students while holding up a bag of noodles. Donohue also told the students that in high school, ‘Girls are more feelings-oriented, and boys are more facts oriented,’ she said. She told them boys tend to like math, science and numbers.”

Don’t worry, WAIT’s received millions in federal funding.