Bra Talk at the Victoria’s Secret After-Party


At last night’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show after-party at Tao, rather than asking the models to recount which wings were heaviest or whose headdress was most unwieldy, we asked the professional wearers of underwear whether they remembered their first bras — as in, ever. “Was it the Limited Too, maybe?” recalled Lindsay Ellingson. “I think it was purple, like a cotton triangle [style]. I went with my mom and we picked it out together. It was a big moment for a girl.” The Angels, all in teensy after-party outfits, seemed to fall into two camps: the late bloomers, and those who couldn’t wait to raid mom’s lacy lingerie. Read on to hear from Karlie, Candice, Doutzen, Adriana, and more, to find out whose first bra was mortifying, whose was stuffed, and whose was shoplifted.