Descriptions of Adam Driver’s ‘Really Big Face’

Adam Driver. Photo: Julian Mackler/ NYC

The many colorful descriptions of Adam Driver's self-professed "really big face" in his New York Times profile:

"I'm like a sight gag." — Driver
"Worthy of the Mongolian plains ..." — unidentified writer
"Powerful ... suggests a public monument ... " — Times writer Guy Trebay

"Not a cookie-cutter beauty ..." — photographer Inez van Lamsweerde
"He has this very big face and eyes that are rather slanted." — van Lamsweerde
"Hooded eyes, strong brow, long nose and wide mouth ..." — Trebay 
"Like a cross between ‘Raging Bull’–era De Niro and Nicolas Cage in ‘Moonstruck.’" —Vogue culture editor Valerie Steiker

Or you could just look at his many Gap billboards and see for yourself.