First Look: Christopher Anderson’s SON


Starting in 2008 with the birth of his first child, Magnum photographer and New York Magazine's first photographer-in-residence Christopher Anderson turned his lens away from the world and into his home. The result is SON, a series of intimate photographs that applies his documentary expertise to the raw beauty of family life. "These photographs are an organic response to an experience that is at the same time the most unique and the most universal of experiences: the birth of a child," he said. "At the same time that I was experiencing the intense joy of new life, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. It's fair to say that I found myself reflecting on obvious themes of life and death. Through my son, my role as the son took on new meaning and my senses were hyper-tuned to the evidence of my own life passing. They are a record of love and a reflection on the seasonal nature of life."

Click through the photographs for a glimpse into Anderson's world as he contemplates the roles, meanings, and emotions behind the word son.