Gold Metal: 15 Shoes That Look Dressed Up


The not-so-subtle season has arrived. It's a dolled-up time of year when even a pair of classic black boots can feel boring. While glittering, bejeweled options are plentiful (because they are awesome), minimalists and devotees to a plain black shoe need options, too. Gold hardware and detailing are an instant way to dress up your shoes — and are likely a wise investment, as you can get more mileage out of a black loafer with a gold chain than you can a hypercolored sequined stiletto. The market is full of amazingly slick styles — Chloé's boot with gold buckles, for example, is chic and super wearable, and J.Crew's gold-tipped pump is ready for any holiday fête. Click ahead to see fifteen pairs of gilded shoes to ring in the season.