Kate Middleton Has Been Soaring Above the Clouds


Forget all this boring domestic stuff like shopping and cooking and decorating: the duchess has also been taking flying lessons, according to the Daily Mail, who heard the news from a couple of Royal Air Force pilots. Her exact words, according to this game of telephone: "I've had a few lessons on fixed wing." Fascinating! Now, when any British person sees a small plane overhead, they get to wonder if the duchess is piloting it.

This isn't totally unexpected, though: Kate's grandfather was a pilot, her dad was an airport dispatcher, and her mom was a stewardess — that is, before they founded a multi-million-dollar party supply business and got rich. Plus, both Princes Harry and William are helicopter pilots, although the palace wouldn't confirm whether either of them were teaching her. And she's royalty, so she could probably take lion-taming lessons or something and nobody would say no. (Do it, Kate.)