Kate Middleton’s Hair Looks Different, But Why?


Kate Middleton went out in a fah-bulous red coat this afternoon for London Poppy Day, which commemorates the last day of World War I. To raise money for the British Royal Legion, she and William rode the bus (don't worry, it was a special antique one) to High Street Kensington Tube station, where they met with fund-raising volunteers.

But enough about that: Why does Kate's hair look so different? Normally it's lush and bouncy and shiny and billowing, even in the most adverse circumstances (high winds,  terrible humidity, sports games, BIRTH). But today it was different. Observations: Her hair was parted more centrally than usual, which can be risky (straight center parts sometimes make a person's head resemble a butt). It was also quite flat. The ends were curled into loose corkscrews. And a few gray roots were visible, which no woman needs any excuse for. In fact, she'd look fabulous with more silver. Perhaps she should give it a try? Think really, really hard about it, and maybe it'll actually happen.