Paris Hilton Might Not Know What Chinese Food Is


Does Paris Hilton know what Chinese food is? Eh, questionable. Anyway, she ordered room service in Shanghai and typed a nice little caption about how much she loves Chinese food. While she attempted to use some sort of filter to obscure her meal, it appeared to be short on Chinese food.

Paris took a photo of what appears to be spaghetti Bolognese, two broth-y soups, a salad, a creamy soup, a panini, fried rice (there we go!), two bowls of plain white rice, four small jam jars, an unidentified golden blob served with a sliced tomato, three dipping sauces (one appears to be sweet and sour, so solid identification), two orange juices, a carrot juice, a light green juice, as well as salt and pepper, served next to a small green cactus.

Chinese food confusion is pretty hot right now, so she’s doing well at adhering to trends.