Rihanna Gets a Totally Normal Haircut

Photo: 247PapsTV / Splash News/www.splashnews.com

Pixies? Please. Rihanna’s had a pageboy/pixie since 2008. Since then, she’s also had blonde hair, granny-chic gray hair, red hair, undercuts, curly mullets, long hair, nineties hair, and straight hair. Naturally, the thing to do when everyone else is cutting their hair into a style you had four years ago is to go for a simple curved bob with bangs. It's very seventies, a little Michelle Pfeiffer à la Scarface, or young Mick Jagger? It also may or may not be a wig. But it's also totally normal and unexpected, and thus, one of the most subversive things Miss Denim Thong could have done. Well played, Rihanna.