Scientist Creates ‘Delightful’ New Human Cheese


Biologist Christina Agapakis has created a cheese that rivals France's most fragrant dairy product. You see, it's actually made from foot bacteria (or "toe jam"), as well as the bacteria found in armpits, belly buttons, and mouths all mixed up with milk. Yum. She even enlisted famous food people, like Michael Pollan, to donate their bacteria. 

Working with an "odor artist" Sissel Tolaas, Agapakis presented her creation at the PopTech conference last month, where she billed it as "cheese for thinking," reports the Los Angeles Times. And while it's not for human consumption, this foot cheese is thought-provoking indeed. As in, would I eat it? Should I use aged Michael Pollan sweat for my mac 'n' cheese instead of a Gruyère? And most importantly, what red wine is best for pairing?