For Your Consideration: A Homeless Prankposal


Just when I decided the guy who faked his death in a crash before proposing to his girlfriend was the most manipulative groom in the history of viral videos — yes, worse than the faked-an-airplane-emergency guy — a dark horse candidate has emerged. Meet faked-being-homeless guy

Disguised in a fake beard, sunglasses, and layered flannel shirts, the Indiana college student was unrecognizable to his girlfriend at the Feed the Homeless ministry where they both volunteer. Surrounded by real homeless people, the prankster's voice was muffled by his disguise as he asked his her to marry him, waving a Ring Pop in her face. She laughed uncomfortably, her arms tightly crossed in front of her body. "What about now?" he said, ripping off his disguise as he got down on one knee, a real ring in his hand. She burst into happy tears and the crowd of volunteers went nuts.

Though less adrenaline-inducing than the prankposals that put women in fake life-or-death situations, the fake homeless proposal is more subtly effed-up, reflecting a callous disregard of his and his beloved's shared philanthropic mission. Marry me! I'm not one of these bums we give pizza! It's also more disheartening for the rest of society. Is this what the future of anti-poverty activism looks like? Did we learn nothing from Justin Timberlake's wedding? Additional points were detracted for the acoustic Journey cover in the video.