Youths Are Now Taking #DrivingSelfies


Judges, finger-waggers, critics at large: We have such a gift for you. CNN reports that the youths are snapping self-portraits at the wheels of their motor vehicles. Accompanied by the hashtags #drivingselfie or #drivinghome or #drivingtowork, these car-operators are documenting what life on the road is like. Some state gave them a license to drive, and they are going to take every creative license that comes with that. There are 9,700 entries under the tag #drivingtowork, and 3,700 marked under #drivingselfie. Toyota has even co-opted the artistry of the #drivingselfie.

From a safety perspective, this would seem to be a more worrying development than the advent of the funeral selfie. Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety have already spoken out against the driving selfie. But these bold documentarians care not. These masters of the low angle are forging forth. Motorcyclists, sailors, and even pilots are taking selfies, says CNN. For, if they outlaw your art on the ground, journey to the ocean! Bring your self-expression into the clouds!

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