The Beckham ‘Wedding Crown’ Failed to Sell

Photo: Bonhams Auction House

It turns out that all of the glitz and warm, fuzzy memories held within the 1999 Posh-Becks "wedding tiara" just aren't worth $40,000. According to WWD, the crown Victoria Beckham wore to marry David "failed to meet its reserve price" (a.k.a. did not sell) when it went up for auction on Thursday in London. To add another twist to the odd case of the unsellable tiara, the Beckhams weren't even auctioning it off — the crown's designer, Slim Barrett, put the tiara up for auction, and it was returned to the seller after the highest bid was reportedly £14,000 (roughly $22,900). Sale estimates were between £18,000 and £25,000 — but keep in mind that the original price of the crown was £10,000 (about $16,000). If only David Beckham had modeled the crown in one of his many underwear ads ... the value of that gold-and-diamond creation would have skyrocketed.